Christopher Windfield | Uncategorized

The Piney Woods Schools would like to welcome back our students from the Christmas break. It is our hope that the students, faculty, and staff are relaxed, recharged, and ready to start the spring semester. It is a delight that each of you have decided to continue your journey with the Piney Woods School.

This semester we have many exciting and educational activities planned for the student body, including the introduction of archery as a sport. The Spring 2019 Convocation took place on January 9th, and served as an opportunity for the students, faculty, and staff to be updated on the future of this great school.

Piney Woods isn’t just another school, it is an experience. Students this semester, we hope that you experience the joy of creating lifelong memories and learning lessons that will carry you for a lifetime. Piney Woods has stood the test of time and has remained firm in the anointing placed on these hallowed grounds.

Once again, we welcome everyone back as we begin the year 2019 racing towards 110-years of existence! This year will be a year to remember!!