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With the installation of the solar panel field, The Piney Woods School has officially tapped into twenty-first century technology.

The solar field was installed over the course of one week by Solar Alternatives of New Orleans. The project was made possible by a donation of 350 solar panels by Telsa, after students started a GoFundMe page.

This is a momentous milestone for Piney Woods because solar energy is a truly a renewable energy source. It is can be harnessed and it will never run out, as long as we have the sun. These solar panels will save Piney Woods money on electricity, while being low maintenance for the school.

Solar Alternatives lives by clean and efficient energy. Their truck was solar powered, and it provided all the charge for their tools and electrical needs. Prior to the solar field being installed, Piney Woods saw the installation of the solar vehicle charger.

The EV Charging Station is located slightly behind the security check-in, on the front of the campus. Solar Alternatives owner used the charging station to charge his Telsa, while he was working.

With the abundance of 21st Century technology, The Piney Woods School is on the move.