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Summer camp is a time of fun, recreation, and at The Piney Woods School – education. The 2019 Summer Adventure Camp provided so many interesting and fun opportunities for every camper enrolled.

The campers weren’t just completing arts and crafts, they were learning about science, including the ecosystem and how it works around us. These campers were able to observe and learn about tarantulas, dung beetles, South American cockroaches, and so much more. Despite, many being disgusted by the bugs, they were enthralled enough, to want a closer look.

These campers were able to cook and learn about healthier lifestyles through an ongoing partnership with Alcorn State University, practice survival skills under the tutelage of Mississippi Wildlife & Fisheries and observe the newly installed solar panel field.

The campers were able to gain experience sleeping in a residence hall and they loved it, judging by the laughter that rang through the halls. It wasn't uncommon to see the campers racing up and down the court during recreational time or learning the proper way to swing a golf club, during golf instructions.

Each day, after dinner, the campers could cool down during pool time before returning to the gymnasium for their final recreational time of the day. With busy days and nights, some students placed themselves on an earlier bedtime, stating they wanted to be rested and ready for the next day.

Set your sights on next year’s 2020 Summer Adventure Camp, where a fun time shall be had by all.