Where is The Piney Woods School?
The Piney Woods School is located, in the small town of Piney Woods, MS, in Rankin County, Mississippi. We are about 21 miles south of Jackson, Mississippi.

How much does a school year at The Piney Woods School cost?
Anywhere between zero and $35,000—depending on your family’s income and ability to pay.

Are scholarships and financial assistance available?
Yes, The Piney Woods School has scholarships and financial assistance available. Scholarships and financial assistance are mainly need-based (the school considers all applications equally, regardless of financial need), and the school provides all the financial help that a family qualifies for. The Piney Woods School uses a financial aid formula to calculate a family’s need.

What is the daily schedule?
Classes are in the morning after 8:00 breakfast and in the afternoon before supper. An afternoon session of continued school work/research, activities and after lunch. There is study time and free time in the evening.  Link to Academics

What about technology?  There is wireless internet available on campus.  The school provides the students Chromebooks/laptops for their school work.

How many student and faculty living halls do you have at The Piney Woods School?
We have six (6) student and faculty housing buildings that house our students: Hyde-Humphrey, Snoopy, The Honors Cottage, Dulaney, Mary Mac and Ralph Smith.  Each residential living hall has staff who live within the residential building and interact regularly with the students. Link to  See our map of campus.

What do the students do on weekends?
Regular scheduled events, community program initiatives, and social & cultural activities. On Saturday night, students have engaged in ice cream socials, talent shows, bonfires, improv theater, dances, movie nights. On Sundays, we have a morning church service and evening vesper service.

Am I allowed to go home on weekends?
Most weekends are scheduled leave weekends. Some weekends are not because of academic

Is the Piney Woods diverse?

The Piney Woods student body is very diverse. Our co-educational students represent 17 states throughout the United States. 16% of our student body comes from countries in Africa and the Caribbean.

Can I play sports at the Piney Woods School?
Students can play any of the sports offered here. We have basketball, tennis, track and field, soccer, archery, and volleyball.

How long is the enrollment process once I have sent a complete application?

The enrollment process usually takes three to four weeks; depending on the completeness and validity of the application and receipt of supporting documents, the timeline could change.

What is the deadline for admissions applications?

Generally, we recommend that students submit applications by May 1, 2019, for the fall semester and October 1, 2019 for spring semester. However, we will have open-enrollment.  Therefore, you are encouraged to submit your application in a timely manner, to ensure a thorough review.

Are there scholarships and financial assistance available?

Scholarships and financial aid are available to our students.  Scholarships and financial aid are awarded based on the financial need of our students.  If you have any questions about scholarships and financial aid, please contact our Finance department.

What grade levels do you offer?

We are an 8th - 12th grade co-educational boarding school. We accept applications for rising 8th - 11th graders.

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