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Several students from The Piney Woods School had the distinct honor of being selected to attend the Mission Mississippi summit in Jackson, Mississippi. The summit began with a reception on the evening of April 3rd at the Governor’s mansion.

The summit, which occurs once a year, serves as a time when officials (elected and appointed) from across the state convene on the city of Jackson for the Governor’s Prayer Summit, hosted by Mission Mississippi, in an attempt to bridge the racial divide in the state.

“We have the summit to teach people to have conversations that are difficult,” said Neddie Winters, president of Mission Mississippi.

The summit focused on topics that are often disagreed upon.

“Race in Mississippi has inserted itself in every relationship and through conversation in many ways,” said Dan Hall, Mission Mississippi board member.

Participants are asked to actively listen and have conversations on difficult topics to get multiple points of view and, ultimately, to set an example for those they lead.

“Even if we walk away not agreeing, we walk away understanding,” Hall said. “We are trying to build bridges, not walls.”