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By Slywenda Geeston, Senior, Mississippi, Class of 2020

Time has caught up to me and the years have swiftly gone by. It has been four years to be exact. I entered The Piney Woods School as a freshman and now I am a graduating senior. Today, I stand before each student following in my footsteps, as a leader, a role model, and the tallest pine tree.

Was I ready for this journey called senior year? Absolutely not. But time never stops moving and we must remain prepared for the next steps in our journey. My advice to you is the same as I’ve been told: Rest your roots, soak in the atmosphere, and grow where you’re planted.

Piney Woods has been a great environment for me, and I am thankful for everything that I’ve learned here. Open your eyes to every opportunity being presented and when you stand at the threshold of your future, you’ll be ready because Piney Woods has made it possible.