Allison Morris | News


On Sunday, March 25, The Piney Woods School students all gathered together to depart the campus. We loaded the buses departed for Central United Methodist Church to participate in their annual HBCU day. During this celebration, people from all over Mississippi came to show their appreciation for the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and to encourage others to join them in the near future.

A Learning Experience

The President of Rust College was willing to pay for books for anyone who signed up that day. It was a great opportunity and Rust wasn’t the only school making offers. A representative from Alcorn shared with us scholarships that they provide. I have heard so much about Alcorn and it sounds like such a great school. As each President, representative and speaker rose out of their seats to tell us why their school was the best and why we should choose them, I was practically ready to hop out of my seat and sign whatever I needed to in order to get the wonderful experiences and education they were speaking of.

An Enjoyable Experience

If the Information wasn’t enough, the entire atmosphere of this place was very relaxing. When the Jubilee singers came on stage, I was blown away by their voices. They started with the National Black Anthem and sang a selection afterward that I didn’t recognize but loved regardless. To end the already wonderful program, the MADD drama group created such a lovely and empowering skit for us. Though there were so many HBCUs joining us in celebration, I took notice that this wasn’t like a pep rally or a concert. There were no rivals within the space. After all was said and done, we were provided with a delicious snack. There were mini sandwiches and pasta and fruit. It was so very nice of them to give us a snack on our way back to school and it was greatly appreciated. The chicken salad was exquisite.


I enjoyed this trip. The atmosphere was absolutely perfect for a Sunday evening. It was also very educational and it was nice to be surrounded by adults who were completely dedicated to our future and higher education.