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-Caribbean Adams

The American Deli was the only tenant remaining in the once bustling Metro Mall of Jackson, Mississippi, and when its two-year lease is expires, they too will be moving on.

High crime rates and demographics played an essential role in the decline of the Metro Mall, however, online shopping, such as the online conglomerate Amazon, also played a factor in the deterioration of the local economy.

When the tenants couldn’t make sales of the merchandise, they couldn’t pay their bills, therefore they were either forced out of business entirely, or moved to a more feasible location.

The North Park Mall is considered to be in a more affluent location, those the crime rates were drastically lower than those reported surrounding the Metro Mall. It is considered an epicenter of crime in the Jackson neighborhood.

North Park is still thriving; however, they haven’t been completely immune to the trend of people preferring to shop online.

A final note from the trip was a security guard stated, they needed people to lease a substantial amount of square footage to help revitalize the mall.