Challenging And Rigorous

College Preparatory Curriculum

Students at The Piney Woods School study a challenging and rigorous college preparatory curriculum designed with the mastery of content and skills anchored in project-based learning. Students take ownership of their own learning with the support of face- to- face instruction and our online learning platform. These two learning approaches allow our students to determine when, where, and how they learn. Our small class sizes empower students to explore and deepen their learning capacity. Students are encouraged to take risks and develop their own unique intellectual curiosity.

It is our desire to facilitate our students to become critical thinkers. We also assist them with goal setting, post-secondary plans, test preparation, and decision-making process.

Our academic village takes a student-centered approach to learning. Learning occurs within and beyond the classroom walls. Students are urged to be creators with highly developed research and self-reflective skills. Our curriculum is guided by The Piney Woods School’s core values, our honor code, and respect for self & others. We want our students to:

  • Practice living lives of purpose.
  • Feel empowered to make confident and constructive decisions.
  • Think creatively and leverage their talents, skills, and accomplishments.
  • Practice empathy, valuing the thoughts and ideas of others as well as themselves.

The Piney Woods School offers an academic program which reflects a general college-preparatory curriculum. The core courses of social studies, mathematics, science, English, and foreign language, along with a diversity of electives, are delineated to afford each student a solid educational structure.