Rigor and Vigor

Christopher Windfield

Currently, Piney Woods has a campus of nearly 2,000 acres, most of which don’t factor into the daily experiences of our students.

In the future, we have a different vision – one in which the entire campus is our classroom, and one where the rigor of our intellectual pursuits is augmented by the vigor of our physical exploration.
We believe, as Maria Montessori did, that “the human hand allows the mind to reveal itself.”And so we envision a future in which our students’ hands are doing much more than holding a pencil, or taking notes; they are digging, testing, sculpting, building, and revealing. And we envision a campus-wide culture in which the boundary between class and campus, student and adult, and inside and outside is not on of division, but exploration.

At Piney Woods, we’re not merely students of the past. We’re also scientists of the future – and the lands will be our labs.