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Piney Woods School officially started the Spring semester with our semi-annual convocation for faculty, staff, and students. The morning sessions for the faculty and staff were held separately from the students. This served as an opportunity to frame our 2019 calendar year and the remainder of our current academic year.

Our president, Dr. Will Crossley moderated the student session. He started the session off by welcoming them back to campus with introductions and words of affirmation. The call and response session empowered students to feel connected to the campus and to each other and provides a practical avenue for new students to be introduced and welcomed into our school community.

The students also read an excerpt from “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain” by Daniel J. Siegel and drafted mini-memos to Dr. Crossley after reflecting upon of the application of Siegel’s text in the real world context of our school campus.