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Justin Gilbert, stated, “My mother actually found Piney Woods”.  Justin came to Piney Woods from a school (in Maryland, suburban DC), where he was not focusing very well. “I had become rebellious and not performing well at school, so my mom started doing research.  One of her friends highly recommended The Piney Woods School as an option for Justin.

Piney Woods was a turning point in Justin’s life.  It changed my environment, which meant his associations changed. “Many people say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”. Prior to coming to Piney Woods, those 5 people weren’t great influences, Justin exclaims. Piney Woods was a positive environment; Piney Woods pushed him to change and take responsibility for my success.  He was made to get to breakfast on time, and to study and to perform.  He counts that the human and personal development they push at Piney Woods, as having the greatest impact on him. He would sum up the experience as gaining self-discipline, that provided him the ability to gain a strong work ethic. "When you leave here and go somewhere else, you feel like you can do anything."

Justin often reflects upon my time at Piney Woods and compares it to where he is today. Justin concludes that a lot of small positive decisions shaped the trajectory of my life.   He counts Piney Woods as one of those decisions. For Justin, Piney Woods was where he learned his first lessons in independence, perseverance, responsibility, and friendship development. Piney Woods helped to create a solid foundation for his life which has positively contributed to the person he is today.