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The volunteers from The Reservation, representing Alcorn State University, provided a balance of fun, healthy, and tasty for each of the campers.

On their first day with the campers, it was time to get moving. The importance of living an active lifestyle was stressed to each person present. The students were then broken into groups, where they competed to complete the most pushups and jump rope repetitions. While they were gleefully completing their challenges, one of the Alcornites was busy setting up the foundation of refreshing parfaits. The campers were able to layer on their own toppings.

The following day, the campers took on the kitchen, where they baked cakes and cupcakes. There were no snacks to be consumed, as the cakes had to cool down. Wednesday found the campers receiving detailed instructions on the best way to ice and decorate without damaging the cakes and cupcakes. After all the hard work, the campers and Alcorn volunteers, enjoyed the fruits of their labor.

The Piney Woods School would like to send a special thank you to Alcorn State University on their assistance during the second week of the 2019 Summer Adventure Camp.