Financial Aid

Once accepted, the parent(s) must provide documentation of income and major expenses. Once this is done, a tuition assessment is done. Institutionally based financial aid may be awarded to assist with tuition, room, and board based on financial need.

  • Multiple student enrollment discounts are as follows:
  • With the enrollment of the 2nd sibling, a 25% discount is available
  • With the enrollment of the 3rd sibling, a 50% discount is available
  • With the enrollment of the 4th sibling, a 75% discount is available
  • Click here to read about additional scholarship opportunities for eligible incoming 9th grade students.


Tuition Payments

The Piney Woods School expects its parents to honor all contracts and agreements. Maximum tuition is $23,000 per school year. Assessed tuition is based on upon family household income. Please review the payment options below:

  • To make payments, please contact our Operations office at 601-845-2214 ext 2250.
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