Do you offer AP classes?

We currently offer honors classes in English III and English IV. Beginning in 2015-2016, we are developing a relationship with one of our local post-secondary institutions that will result in dual credits of our students. With this program, they will be able to take classes taught at the college level and earn college credits while still enrolled at Piney Woods.

Where are you located?

The Piney Woods School is located 21 miles south of the capital city of Jackson, Mississippi. The nearest airport is Jackson Evers International in Pearl, MS. The airport is within a 20 minute drive of our campus.

Do the students wear uniforms?

Yes. Students enrolled at The Piney Woods School are expected to adhere to the established dress code requirements. All students must wear the uniform daily, from 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Sagging pants are a violation of the dress code.


  • Shirt – Long or short sleeved (yellow or white button down collared oxford)
  • Pants – Long blue or khaki colored (khaki uniform material) (No cargo pants, no jeans, skinny legged pants, jeggings etc.)
  • Short Pants – blue or khaki color (khaki uniform material) (No cargo shorts)
  • Belt – black, blue or brown color
  • Jacket – solid black, solid navy or solid gray
  • Sweater – solid black, solid navy or solid gray
  • Shoes – solid dark brown or black shoe (NO TENNIS SHOES)
  • Socks – black, white, brown or navy (solid colored)

Do all the students stay on campus?

Yes. All students board on campus. We do not have a day-school program. We currently have two female residence halls and one male residence hall. The boys’ and girls’ residence hall are on opposite sides of the campus. All students should expect to have at least one roommate.

Do you offer summer school?

We are offering a summer youth leadership camp in the summer of 2015. That camp will include an academic component as well as athletic and recreational activities. STEM classes will also be offered during the Summer Youth Leadership Institute 2015.

How long is the enrollment process once I have sent a complete application?

Once your application is complete with all necessary documents, the admissions committee will review the folder and you should receive a response within one week. It is important that we receive the completed application as soon as possible. If the application is incomplete or the committee requests additional information; the enrollment process will take slightly longer.

Is this an all-African American school?

We have a diverse community here at The Piney Woods School with students from 22 states and 4 countries. We do not discriminate in any way based upon race, ethnicity, gender, or religion.

What is the deadline for admissions applications?

Open enrollment! Applying now will make scholarship assistance more likely than applying later. When no slots are available, we keep a waiting list for students who meet the requirements.

What are the requirements for admissions?

We seek to enroll students who will be future leaders in their schools, churches, communities, and professions. We want to enroll and educate students, who have been searching for opportunities to excel and become leaders, but who may have been constrained by unwelcome environments, lack of financial resources, or other barriers to educational attainment. We want students to have earned at least a “C” average and who are highly recommended by their current teachers for enrollment at Piney Woods.

How much is tuition?

Tuition is based on a sliding scale according to household income. We work with families to make the parental contribution as affordable as possible. The cost covers classes, books, housing, meals, and most on-campus social activities. In addition, every student will be assigned an on-campus work project to help defray a portion of tuition costs.

Are there scholarships and financial aid available?

Yes. Every student at Piney Woods receives financial assistance. No student pays the full cost of the education we provide since tuition is based upon household income. Tuition is individually assessed and the first step of that process is to apply. Once an application is submitted, we can work with you on every effort to keep tuition affordable.

What grade levels do you offer?

We offer grades 9th – 12th. We accept applications for rising 9th – 11th graders.

We are particularly interested in enrolling students in the 9th and 10th grades. A limited number of rising seniors will be admitted on a highly selective basis.

What type of curriculum do you have?

We have a college preparatory curriculum. Our students are required to take courses in English, Science, Math and Social Studies each year of enrollment. Our considerable land resources allow us to conduct environmental research and include a future focus on sustainable agribusiness.

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