From its humble beginnings of a single student seated on a fallen cedar log to its miraculous growth to 2,000 acres and 130 students annually, The Piney Woods School has become one of the best educational opportunities for any student who seeks higher education.

Parents or guardians of rising ninth through eleventh grade students are invited to apply now.

The school is a melting pot of cultures and experiences that consistently places 98-100% of its graduates into America's finest colleges and universities. In an average year, Piney Woods enrolls students from more than 22 states and up to 4 countries.

The students, faculty and staff come together in a Christian environment dedicated to preparing young people for the challenges of the future.

At The Piney Woods School, high expectations for academic achievement and social responsibility are combined with supportive and nurturing educators. The result is the creation of an affordable education that produces well-rounded citizens committed to changing the world.

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