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ALL students (including International) must first be admitted to PWS and apply online through  Once admitted the International page will focus on the SEVIS requirements.

If you need assistance with the application process, please call the Office of Admissions and Enrollment or email us at

Office of Admissions and Enrollment

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(601) 845-2214

P.O. Box 100, Piney Woods MS 39148


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If you need assistance with the application process, please call the Office of Admissions and Enrollment or email us at

  • Demonstrate academic potential and seriousness about receiving a high-quality education
  • Submit a good record of psychosocial values (must not have a record of school expulsions, suspensions, or arrests.)
  • Possess at least a 2.0 Grade Point Average
  • Demonstrate responsible citizenship and strong leadership potential.
  • Receive satisfactory recommendations form:
    • Current English Teacher
    • Current Mathematics Teacher
    • Guidance Counselor or Principal (Transcript Request and School Report Form)
  • Complete a “Leadership” Essay
Contact Us

(601) 845-2214 ext. 2223

Office of Admissions and Enrollment

P.O. Box 100, Piney Woods MS 39148


As an alumni parent, I have been inspired by my daughter’s beautiful and successful experience over the course of her four years as a student at Piney Woods.

- CASANDRA ADAMS, Mississippi

Piney Woods has a legendary tradition of transforming young boys and girls, helping them reach their Godly potential and preparing them for college or whatever path that they may take

- REV. SKIP MASON, Georgia

The Piney Woods School was a great decision for my son. Being away from home was very new for him because this was his first time being on his own. The Piney Woods School taught my son life skills and I am very proud of the young man he has become

- REV. SKIP MASON, Georgia

The best way to learn more about The Piney Woods School is to schedule a visit. Our historic campus has captivated visitors since its humble beginnings in 1909. Learning about our rich history and tradition is as easy as scheduling a campus tour today.

We offer daily tours and shadow days for prospective students. You can also schedule a tour as a family. Once you see the campus and meet The Piney Woods School family, you will feel like you are at home. If you are interested in scheduling a tour, please contact our Admissions Team. We would very much like to meet you and encourage you to tour our campus. We appreciate your interest and hope to assist you in any way we can.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at (601) 845-2214. If you are unable to make accommodations for an on-site visit, check out our virtual tour.

Right now, our chief concern is the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors. To maintain a healthy learning and work environment, we adhere to the physical distancing guidelines prescribed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Mississippi State Department of Health. The availability of campus tours may be affected due to COVID-19.

Piney Woods encourages prospective students of all income levels to apply for acceptance to the school. A family’s financial need plays no role in the admission decision. We believe that all students deserve the opportunity to receive the highest quality education and a nurturing environment that enables them to reach their God-given potential.

To serve as many students as possible while still allowing our business operations to continue, school-based financial assistance and our student work-study program are provided to all qualified families. Once admitted, the parent(s) must provide documentation of income and major expenses to receive a tuition assessment. The amount of tuition assistance awarded is contingent upon each family’s financial situation. Periodically, we provide student enrollment discounts based on class year, space availability and fund availability.

For more information, please contact the admissions office at 601.845.2214 or email for more information about tuition assistance and multiple enrollments discounts.

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    Addmission Summer’21

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    Thank you for your interest in joining The Piney Woods School family. Piney Woods offers a student-centered, project-based, technology-powered teaching and learning environment unconstrained by conventional classroom settings. Students experience learning in the spaces where they live—with the farm, lakes, and pine forests serving as laboratories. We actively seek students with the appropriate social values who show academic promise and want a superior academic education that is undergirded by a strong Christian experience.

    PART I – Confirm Interest and Proficiency
    • Complete the Student Interest Form
    • Attend Information Session (question and answer interview session between applicant and school representative)
    • Confirm English Proficiency (Applicants attending an English-speaking school for the last two years may submit English grades as an indicator of proficiency. All other applicants must complete the TOEFL examination.)

    PART II – Complete Application
    1. Student Original Essay (to be completed by applicant): “What does leadership mean to you and how can The Piney Woods School prepare you to be a leader?”
    2. Academic Records and standardized test scores for the past two years. Parents are responsible for requesting these records from the applicant’s current school.
    3. Attendance Record and Discipline Record – must be submitted through the online application. Parents are responsible for requesting the documents from the applicant’s current school.
    4. Headmaster/Counselor & Teacher recommendation forms (English & Math) – Please process your recommendation request forms online as a part of the application process.
    5. Passport, Certified Birth Certificate and Immunization records – (copies)
  • Application Fee ($50 non-refundable). The fee can be wired, paid by debit/credit card or other forms of certified funds and must be paid at the time of submitting your online application. All certified funds must be in U.S. currency. (Wiring Instructions available upon request).
  • Interview (as part of the review of your candidacy for admission, someone from our admissions committee will contact you to schedule an interview)
  • Part III – Financial and Enrollment Process

    PART IV – Complete Student Visa Process

    Addmission Summer’21

    Are now open!