From our earliest days, students have always played a pivotal role in the building and operation of Piney Woods. Their work assignments reinforce a sense of pride and community ownership. These feelings remain with them long after they have graduate from Piney Woods.

We believe that students learn both through the classroom setting and through  their participation in meaningful and impactful real-world experiences. Through our student work program, every student receives a specific work assignment and thereby makes a contribution to our school’s vast operational and programmatic pursuits.

Student workers also assist with the ongoing maintenance needs of our substantial physical plant, including a 65-acre main campus and 200-acre school farm, which houses over 30 physical structures. From our earliest days students have always played an integral role in the building and operation of Piney Woods, reinforcing a sense of pride and community ownership that remains with them (and us) long after they graduate.


Volunteering, TA, Office Support

Worksites may include assisting staff with filing and administrative needs, working on the farm and/or, for those students who are ready, serving as a teaching assistant to support the learning goals of their schoolmates.



The Farm has been a cornerstone of the Piney Woods experience. Covering 200 acres, the farm has allowed students to build character; as well as understand, the workings of our economy. Students who went on to hold white collar or high technology jobs rave about the benefits from working with livestock and crops. In our efforts to continue to educate our students we are reorganizing our farm to meet the needs of 21st century students. If you would like to donate to these efforts please contact the office of Development 601-845-2319.

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