Piney Woods offers both academic and non-academic experiences for our students. These experiences develop them into well-rounded, critical thinking, and knowledgeable lifelong learners.

We have high unyielding expectations of our students. We meet them where they are and motivate them to surpass their perceived expectations. This is why Piney Woods students are sought after from the nation’s most prestigious colleges and universities. Our students’ successful matriculation is the focus of our determined effort.

A successful transition from high school to colleges, begins with our meticulous planning. We host an Annual College Fair on campus every year. In September, over 40 colleges and universities attend our college fair to engage with our students. In addition, various other college and universities visit our campus throughout the school year. Our highly sought-after students have received on the spot scholarships based on their ACT scores and academic profiles.

Individual meetings are held with each student to discuss his/her future endeavors and the “best fit” for them in a college setting.
We instill in our students, a belief, that there is no limit to the things they can accomplish. In the same instance, we make sure they understand that they must be committed to complete the necessary work to achieve their goals. Our students understand the challenges they face and strive to reach their achievement goals.

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