Legacies of Grace Mentor Program Launched at Piney Woods

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Our First Lady, Mrs. Monica Crossley, has established Legacies of Grace, a Mentoring Program for female students at The Piney Woods School. The program is created in honor of Mrs. Grace Jones, the wife of Dr. Lawrence C. Jones, the founder of our Piney Woods School.

The Program is designed to provide students the opportunity to participate in activities that will teach life skills. These actives are intended to help girls make positive life choices and develop a sense of their own personal power. Also, the Program will encourage students to build positive relationships with Professional Females, improve communication skills, support college and career readiness, develop financial awareness and increase health awareness.

The Mentors will include Professional Women from the school and the greater Jackson Community. They will use their experiences to teach and empower our young ladies with the tools they need to succeed and reach their full potential.

Economics Classes Study Local Economy in the Field

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-Caribbean Adams

The American Deli was the only tenant remaining in the once bustling Metro Mall of Jackson, Mississippi, and when its two-year lease is expires, they too will be moving on.

High crime rates and demographics played an essential role in the decline of the Metro Mall, however, online shopping, such as the online conglomerate Amazon, also played a factor in the deterioration of the local economy.

When the tenants couldn’t make sales of the merchandise, they couldn’t pay their bills, therefore they were either forced out of business entirely, or moved to a more feasible location.

The North Park Mall is considered to be in a more affluent location, those the crime rates were drastically lower than those reported surrounding the Metro Mall. It is considered an epicenter of crime in the Jackson neighborhood.

North Park is still thriving; however, they haven’t been completely immune to the trend of people preferring to shop online.

A final note from the trip was a security guard stated, they needed people to lease a substantial amount of square footage to help revitalize the mall.

Piney Woods Students Pay Homage to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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“Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase”. – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

The students of Piney Woods put forth a valiant effort for the program held in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.

The students gave beautiful renditions of the Letter from a Birmingham Jail and an excerpt from the I Have a Dream speech. With signs held up in protest, the students protested violence on African-Americans.

Martin Luther King Day is a federal holiday held on the third Monday of January. It celebrates the life and achievements of Martin Luther King Jr., an influential American civil rights leader. He is most well-known for his campaigns to end racial segregation on public transport and for racial equality in the United States.

This program represented an uplifting and a renewing of purpose for everyone in attendance.

Piney Woods School 9th-11th Graders Take MAP Tests

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For any academic program, data is of the utmost importance. Here at The Piney Woods School, this holds to be very true. The students are our purpose and their education is at the heart of our mission.

The 9th-11th grade students recently sat down to take the NWEA MAP test. MAP Growth measures what students know and informs what they’re ready to learn next. By dynamically adjusting to each student’s responses, MAP Growth creates a personalized assessment experience that accurately measures performance. Timely, easy-to-use reports help teachers teach, students learn, and administrators lead.

Putting assessment into action means using MAP Growth data to pinpoint the instructional areas your students are ready to tackle—whether they’re on, above, or below grade level.

MAP Growth reveals how much growth has occurred between testing events and, when combined with our norms, shows projected proficiency. Educators can track growth through the school year and over multiple years.

The entire academic team worked tirelessly to ensure the students were well prepared and that they test environment was free of any distracting elements.

The students demonstrated a zeal and determination, while completing the testing.

Alumni Spotlight: Australia Say, Class of 2015

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Ms. Australia Say is serving as Miss. Fisk University 2019-2019. Ms. Say is a 2015 graduate of The Piney Woods School and a current senior biology, pre-nursing major, anticipating a career as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She also plans to open a non-profit community center geared towards serving under served youth.

She is the current President of the Mt. Zion College Ministry, a member of Fisk University Student Ambassadors, a member of Zeta Phi Beta International Sorority, Inc., and a member of the Gold Key Chapter of the Mortar Board National Honor Society. She  served as the Fisk mascot during her freshman year.

Ms. Say's most memorable contribution as a campus queen, was being able to provide white convocation dresses for the freshman women of 2022.

It was pretty easy to transition from Piney Woods to Fisk because we already lived in dorms. Fisk to me, is a larger Piney Woods. She was the Valedictorian of the 2015 class and Miss. PWS.

Ms. Say's motto is: "Be authentic no matter what." Advice to the PWS Class of 2019: "Go to college on your own dreams. Don't allow anyone else to change their authenticity."

Student Spotlight: Miesha Jones – Piney Woods School Junior

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The Piney Woods student highlight for the week is Miesha Jones. She is a junior from Fayetteville, North Carolina. While attending Piney Woods, Miesha has managed to grab the hearts and friendships of many - if not all - the students in her school. In fact, she was elected president of her class. Miesha has attended the Piney Woods school since her freshman year of high school and during that time, she has participated in a number of school clubs and activities such as: the Mock Trial team, Archery team, Legacies of Grace, Student Government Association, and Youth Leadership Jackson (an outside organization). Miesha’s hobbies include writing and playing the piano. After Piney Woods, Miesha plans to attend Appalachian State University, where she hopes she will learn all she needs to in order to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a musical therapist.

-Interview by: Moiya Gooden

Staff Spotlight: Joshua Covington, History Teacher

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Mr. Joshua Covington is from Vicksburg, Mississippi. He graduated from Warren Central High School in 2009. After enrolling in a community college, Mr. Covington went on to attend the University of Tennessee at Martin.

At UT-Martin, Mr. Covington received his Bachelor of Arts degree in history. Currently, he teaches AP U. S. history for 11th grade and Economics for the 12th.

-Interview by: Caribbean Adams