Staff Spotlight: Fidelis Malembeka, Chief Operating Officer

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Fidelis Malembeka, Jr. is a native of Zambia and proud graduate of St. Constantine’s International School in Arusha, Tanzania. He obtained his Business Administration degree from Jackson State University, where he was a member and Co-Captain of the victorious Golf Team throughout his matriculation.

He resides in the City of Jackson, Mississippi and previously worked as the organizational administrator serving as Director of Risk Management and Human Resources for a local McDonald’s Franchise, My Joy Inc., operating 23 restaurants with over 2,800 employees. After exiting the McDonald’s business in October 2019, Fidelis decided to join The Piney Woods School, serving in the capacity of Chief Operating Officer.

Favorite Quote: "And to whomsoever much is given, of him shall much be required." - Luke 12:48

Juan Cloy Hits Piney Woods’ History Students With Hard Facts

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Juan Cloy took time to visit with the history students at Piney Woods on January 15, 2019, during the 1st and 2nd class blocks. During the opening minutes of his time, he introduced himself, yet refused to give professional background information.

He also specifically asked the students if they had access to the internet, to which they answered in the affirmative. He shocked everyone in the room when he stated he had eight children. The students stared at him to see if he would say he was joking; he wasn’t. He adopted children from both New Orleans (four) and Lafayette, Louisiana (two). Three of the children were addicted to crack cocaine at birth.

Cloy asked a lot of questions of the students because it was about getting to know them and prompting them to think. After about 15minutes, he finally granted the students permission to google him. Cloy has a well decorated career in law enforcement. He plans to use those experiences in his quest to become the next Sheriff of Hinds County.

Cloy is a former veteran police chief and police officer of 20 years, with 9 of the years assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Safe Streets Task Force. He has experience working in the largest police department in Mississippi in patrol, background investigations, street-level narcotics, robbery/homicide, major investigations and as union president. While on the FBI’s Task Force, he

investigated large-scale narcotics operations, bank robberies, home invasions, high profile homicides, electronic communication crimes and public corruption.

He has expertise in leadership training; group intelligence skills: interpersonal communications: public and media relations: and collaborations with federal, local and state law enforcement as well as community and faith-based organizations.

When the students realized whom they were speaking with, they began to ask questions about some of his former cases. He was very straightforward in his descriptions of past events. One student inquired about special training or counseling provided to officers after they work terrible scenes. His response, after a brief laugh, was: “There was no special training or counseling. We moved on to the next case.”

The lecture was attended by sophomores and seniors, and it was an eye-opening one.

Convocation Opens Spring Semester

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Piney Woods School officially started the Spring semester with our semi-annual convocation for faculty, staff, and students. The morning sessions for the faculty and staff were held separately from the students. This served as an opportunity to frame our 2019 calendar year and the remainder of our current academic year.

Our president, Dr. Will Crossley moderated the student session. He started the session off by welcoming them back to campus with introductions and words of affirmation. The call and response session empowered students to feel connected to the campus and to each other and provides a practical avenue for new students to be introduced and welcomed into our school community.

The students also read an excerpt from “Brainstorm: The Power and Purpose of the Teenage Brain” by Daniel J. Siegel and drafted mini-memos to Dr. Crossley after reflecting upon of the application of Siegel’s text in the real world context of our school campus.

Piney Woods Splits with Simpson Academy on the Hardwood

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The Lady Tornadoes of Piney Woods Schools struggled to gain their footing offensively as they squared off against the Lady Red Devils of Stringer High School. Piney Woods wasn’t able to gain momentum and it reflected in the game final, however, the girls played with poise and displayed a great sense of sportsmanship. At the conclusion of the contest, the two teams, along with the cheerleaders gathered on the court to recite the Lord’s Prayer.
The boys team entered with a contagious energy as they began the warming up process. At the opening tip, Stringer took an early lead, due to Piney Woods difficulty in getting points on the board. This didn’t last long, and the Tornadoes began to take the game by storm, including carrying a 37-31 lead into the halftime break.

Stringer reentered with a fire blazing because they were able to maintain a slight edge over Piney Woods in the third period, including a six-point run in the final minutes of the quarter. The hosting Tornadoes gathered their wits and began to host a three-point and dunking clinic, to extend their lead and capture the contest. With a final of 77-69, Piney Woods maintains their perfect conference record and continues a winning streak they’ve held since their loss in the first game of the season (11-03-18).
Geronimo Warner and Tyrek Chambers blazed the court with 21-points and 34-points respectively.

Winter Break is Over; the Students have Returned!

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The Piney Woods Schools would like to welcome back our students from the Christmas break. It is our hope that the students, faculty, and staff are relaxed, recharged, and ready to start the spring semester. It is a delight that each of you have decided to continue your journey with the Piney Woods School.

This semester we have many exciting and educational activities planned for the student body, including the introduction of archery as a sport. The Spring 2019 Convocation took place on January 9th, and served as an opportunity for the students, faculty, and staff to be updated on the future of this great school.

Piney Woods isn’t just another school, it is an experience. Students this semester, we hope that you experience the joy of creating lifelong memories and learning lessons that will carry you for a lifetime. Piney Woods has stood the test of time and has remained firm in the anointing placed on these hallowed grounds.

Once again, we welcome everyone back as we begin the year 2019 racing towards 110-years of existence! This year will be a year to remember!!

Ready, Set, Aim; Archery Comes to The Piney Woods School

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The Piney Woods School is pleased to announce the addition of archery as a sport. Archery is one of the oldest arts still practiced today.

The Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fishery sponsored a grant, making it possible for PWS to start the program.

Practice has begun and the season with officially start on January 29th, at Columbia Academy at 5:00 pm. The team will return home to host Pisgah High School on February 5th, at 4:00 pm.

February 16th will introduce the Tornadoes to a tournament format, as they will compete in the Lawrence County Tournament, starting at 2:00 pm.

The team will travel and compete at the Enterprise Entertainment Center on February 22nd at 3:30 pm, prior to traveling back to Lawrence County High School on February 26th at 5:00 pm.

At this time, the team may be competing in the Petal Tournament March 28-30 at Petal High School. The final contest of the season is at Germantown High School on April 3rd.

The students are working hard, and we would like to extend an invitation for fans to attend any contest convenient for your schedule. Piney Woods has built an extremely talented team of archers with their eyes set on hitting their targets, as soon as the season starts. PWS is associated with the Mississippi High School Activities Association, the governing body for athletics in the state.

The team is under the director of Coach Christopher Windfield. Windfield had to complete an eight-hour course and pass a certification examination, in order to coach the team.